CNC User Group Wrap-Up

We hosted our first CNC/Makerbot User Group meeting. A special thanks goes out to Brian Dolge for organizing the event and making it a success. We had a great turnout with about 20+ people in attendance. Marty McGuire demonstrated his Makerbot by drawing on Post-Its with a Sharpie. Harford Hackerspace demonstrated their CNC Milling machine by cutting out a wooden Ninja star. Check out the images below.

RotoFoto Wins First Place

Harford Hackerspace took First Place in the first ever Baltimore Hackathon. It took nearly all 48 hours for us to plan and build RotoFoto. RotoFoto is an automated 3D imaging system that takes a series of 2D images of an object and stitches them into a 360 degree interactive image. This allows viewers to use simple mouse dragging gestures to rotate an object to see if from all angles. Watch the complete build in the below time lapse video. We will demonstrate the build shortly so check back soon.


Fox 45 News at Electronica Fest

This was a very cool experience for us. We were asked by Gary Mauler to appear on the Fox 45 morning news to promote Electronica Fest. We showed up at the National Electronic Museum at 5:30am to prepare for our 6:10am, 7:10am, and 8:10am live coverage. Unfortunately the segments were very short so we did not get to explain our own projects. However, our Cornstarch Monster project stole the show. See for yourself.

Netduino Class Wrap-Up

We would like to thank all of the participants who came out and made the Netduino Class a huge success. This was the first class we hosted and we received excellent reviews from the class survey. Here is what some our participants said:

“It was fun. There was enough equipment and it was all in good condition and 
well organized.”

“It was groundbreaking! Netduino is “three weeks old” (or out on the market at least.) 
and we got a chance to talk to the “creator” of the product. What’s not to like.”

Enjoy the video montage!