Tron Identity Disc Mod

Over the past several months the members of Harford Hackerspace have been working on modifying a Delux Tron Legacy Disc. The modification uses a Netduino and MAX7219 to increase the number of LEDs from 8 to 33. The project was featured on Microsofts Channel 9 (video) and now there is a complete tutorial of the build on Coding4Fun.

This Friday – December 17th, Disney is releasing a sequel to the 1982 movie. Tron Legacy (Official Site)

Netduino Class Wrap-Up

We would like to thank all of the participants who came out and made the Netduino Class a huge success. This was the first class we hosted and we received excellent reviews from the class survey. Here is what some our participants said:

“It was fun. There was enough equipment and it was all in good condition and 
well organized.”

“It was groundbreaking! Netduino is “three weeks old” (or out on the market at least.) 
and we got a chance to talk to the “creator” of the product. What’s not to like.”

Enjoy the video montage!

Netduino Unboxing and Tutorial

You can purchase the Netduino from our Amazon Store for $34.95!

Hmm… What is a Netduino? Check out the next video from our Netduino Debut Tutorial for a demonstration!

The Netduino looks like an Arduino and it’s even compatible with the existing Arduino protoshields. However, it’s a completely different beast which can be programmed using Microsoft Visual Studio C#. Oh… It’s also Open Source. Pretty cool eh!