What’s going on tonight at open hack night, Jan 23rd.


Here’s what’s going on tonight:

If you have any silver coins that you could bring tonight for a coin acceptor project that’s being worked on, it would be appreciated. We promise to give them back.. =)
Look for our sign out front and see you tonight!

Coffee Maker Mod

Sure… anyone can go to the local store and buy a coffee maker with a timer. That was not good enough for our new member Ryan Merl.  Keeping in the hacking spirit, Ryan decided to make his own internet controlled coffee maker. He installed a relay between the wall cord and the power switch on the coffee pot. The relay is controlled by his arduino. He used this tutorial as a guide.  An ethernet shield is used to connect the arduino to the network.

You can find the source code for this project here: https://github.com/theanti9/HTTPCoffeePot. Be sure to checkout the Readme.doc for more details.

Special Features

  • 15 minute automatic shutoff
  • Controlled via HTTP Requests
  • Status, start, and stop requests
  • Returns JSON meant for AJAX interfaces
  • Ready and running LEDs

HTTPCoffeePot can be connected to your arduino with an ethernet shield and attached to the network. It will listen on port 80, like a normal web server, and take several different request URLs to control it. The URLs return JSON with the intention that an AJAX interface will be built over it:

  • /status/ – This will return some information about the current status of the coffee pot
  • /start/ – This will start the coffee pot assuming that it is currently ready to be started and not started already
  • /stop/ – This will turn off the coffee pot

Currently the process will work like this:

  1. Put in coffee grounds/filter/water
  2. Press ready button to enter coffee pot into ready state
  3. When coffee is desired, send /start/ request
  4. Wait for coffee to finish
  5. Send manual /stop/ request OR wait for timed automatic shut off to take place after 15 minutes

I have a very simple coffee maker which is really only a switch. The modifications I made to the pot were to cut the power inside of it between the wall and the switch on the pot and place a relay in between. The relay is then activated by the Arduino board when sent the /start/ request.

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

Robot Fest 2010 has come and gone. Some of the many interesting exhibits this year included the pneumatic rocket experience provided by the Baltimore Node, the many Lego Mindstorms projects, Maker Bot demonstrations, various art demonstrations, and a fashion show.

Make coverage and more pics here.

We’d like to thank everyone that stopped by our exhibit to view the Oobleck demonstration, PIC micro-controller LED arrays, the hand-powered Arduino random movie quote generator, build some cardboard robots, or just hang out and talk electronics. We had a great time and we hope to see everyone next year. Our next event will be at ArtScape in Baltimore. In the meantime, feel free to come by and do some hacking on one of our open hack nights.