Lockheed Martin Tech Talk

NEXT WEDNESDAY: Dec 7th, Lockheed Martin will hold a tech talk at Baltimore Hackerspace on the “Challenges of Detecting and Countering Drones”. This will be presented by a LM engineer working on counter-drone solutions. The event starts at 6pm and the tech talk will run from 7-8pm. Pizza will be served. For those that missed it, this is the same talk that was presented at the Jailbreak Brewing Company on Nov 7th.

As this event falls on a Wednesday it also coincides with an Open Hack night. Visitors are welcome to come see what projects members are working on or bring their own to show off! Many of our members are night owls so we will be there far later than 8pm.

Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Baltimore-Hackersp…/events/228568110/

Baltimore Drones Kickoff Success

Baltimore Hackerspace hosted the first meetup of the new Baltimore Drones Meetup group. The event was a huge success. There were about 10 drones on display and everyone had stories to tell and knowledge to share. One of the hot topics discussed was the perception of  the word Drones. Baltimore Hackerspace can relate to this problem. The word “Hacker” has been tainted for decades and our decision to call ourselves a Hackerspace vs a Makerspace was a big one. What is the definition of a Hacker anyways? Everyone has their own opinions of the word.

Baltimore Drones is in the same boat. What is a Drone? Should we call our toys Drones,  UAVs,  or Multirotors? This was a hot topic and we all seemed to agree on most things. There are so many positive things Drones can be used for. Most of which can create new jobs which are disparately needed these days.

Thank you to all who participated. We look forward to hosting future meetups for Baltimore Drones.

February 5th at open hack night


Here’s what’s going on Wed. Feb 6th Baltimore Hackerspace:

6410 Landay Ave.
Baltimore MD. 21237

Look for our sign out front and see you there!