Give to Baltimore Hackerspace

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  If you have questions about the tax deduct-ability of your donation we recommend talking to an accountant about your specific situation.  We can provide you with a letter on letter head that confirms your donation to our organization which will help you with your taxes.  Also some employers will match donations to non-profits like ourselves, so it doesn’t hurt to ask your employer!

heart Since 2009 we’ve been an asset to the Baltimore community.  We are a regular contributor to local tech events such as Robot Fest.  We have enjoyed publishing how-to articles on our blog, holding classes, and helping numerous people who’ve come through our doors learn new skills and inspire innovation.  We would love to continue this dream and expand our services we offer.  This is where you come in.



user Individuals

How can you help?  Well, lots of ways.  Firstly if you would like to become a regular member we would love to have you!

Do you have some new or used tools or equipment you would like to donate?  Awesome.  Please email us with what you have, and if it’s useful we will make arrangements.

Simply want to help us keep the facility running ?  Here’s a paypal link.


hire-me Companies

We would love to hear how you can help.  We generally accept things like soldering equipment, tools, educational kits, dev boards, or even promotional swag!

Are you interested in a sponsorship ?  Please get in email contact with us.


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