Baltimore Hackerspace Member Designs Modern Tube Hi-Fi System

A member of ours has been hard at work designing a really sweet modern/retro hybrid audio amplifier with a built in media center.  It’s open source, hackable, and sounds awesome.  He’s currently running a kickstarter to kick off getting them produced.  You can check out the kickstarter here.  I asked Jason to do a little writeup on his experience building the amplifier, and tell us more of the details inside.  He shares his experience below;

My name is Jason Perkins. I am co-founder of Tubecore and joined Baltimore Hackerspace in May 2013. I joined wanting to learn more about CNC machining and needed a home to prototype a project I had designed. The project started out as a modern tube amplifier built into a bluetooth speaker, but what I ended up with was a bit more.

A month after I joined I had completed the first prototype for my modern Hi-Fi audio system. Unfortunately, a week later it was destroyed by a rogue CNC at a friends house. The machine is called Kronos, is DIY and is the fastest robot I have ever seen up close. Kronos has a jog speed of 14” a second and that’s how quickly Kronos killed Duo v1.0. I highly recommend Kronos CNC to anyone looking for a Pro Level CNC that can machine billet aluminum and is advertised as being accurate down to .001” (1 mil.), while free jogging @ 14” a sec. I also highly recommend kill switches, since topping out the -z axis is what caused it to scare the crap out of me.

After we extinguished Duo v1.0, I used the opportunity to redesign and was able to make some huge improvements to the Cabinet’s engineering, the system’s design and peak performance.

The cabinets are solid hardwood. In this case African Sapele. The cabinet’s 7/8” thick main body is four pieces cut and mitered from a single board with horizontal grain that is matched all the way around. The face of the box is a burl mahogany and requires 38 precise machining operations to complete and features safe zones where additional sensors and optical hardware can be added.

The drivers are 4” full-range, composite cone drivers with machined aluminum horns and santoprene surrounds. They live in their own sealed enclosures, which are hand tuned for L-R balance and peak performance. I find these little reference-class drivers produce a big sound; warm mids and screaming highs. They reproduce clear audio from around 125Hz to well over 20Khz and are crossed at 120.

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This Wednesday’s OpenHack

Here’s what’s going on this Wednesday at open hack night:

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Harford Hackerspace is looking for Members

Harford Hackerspace is a club with real people in real places. The idea behind this club is to recruit enough members in the local area of Harford County, Maryland (MD) that we can lease a commercial building and populated with all the tools you need to get your projects moving. 

If it falls into the category of Mechanics, Electronics, Software, Science, or Technology then you are the perfect candidate to join our club. Robotics, Web Development, DNA Research, HAM Radio, and Your Car are all examples of types of projects we could be working on together as a team in a setting like no other.

The ideal Hackerspace location would be a commercial building with a garage, kitchen, several offices for computers and electronics, and a social lounge for speaches, presentations, classroom style learning, general socializing and networking, and PARTIES.  It would also be nice to have a Bar but that’s just me dreaming.

So what do you think? Does this sound like something you would be interested in? If it does then contact me directly at