A Baltimore Hackerspace

Established in February 2009, Baltimore Hackerspace is a non-profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization set forth to create a place for real people to collaborate on real projects in a real place. In other words we provide a place that encourages nerds to get out from behind their desk.  We were originally formed under the name Harford Hackerspace, even though we never were in Harford County.

Our group meets weekly on Wednesday nights at 7pm in a commercial space located at 7964 Baltimore St
Baltimore, MD 21224.

A typical night consist of socializing, learning, collaborating, and building. We have a very diverse group of members with skills in Electronics, Software, and Mechanical engineering. Each member has their own strengths and as a group we can accomplish anything. We often work with PIC, AVR and other micro controllers platforms such as MBED, Netduino, Arduino…. the list just keeps going.

freelance That’s not all! We get our hands dirty also. We have a good set of wood and metal working tools including a table saw, drill press, router, lathe, DIY CNC Mill, air compressor… and again the list keeps going.  Click here to see some of our neat tools.

customers You can bring your own project or work on a group project. The goal is to meet new friends and learn from them. There is no need to be an expert at anything. Anyone with the right attitude can be a member.

credit The organization is paid for by its members in the form of membership dues as well as various fund raising ideas as we come up with them. This will include selling soda and candy at the space, selling raffle tickets, and receiving donations and grants.

Does this sound interesting to you? Then join! E-mail email info@baltimorehackerspace.com

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