RobotFest 2009, Thank You!

RobotFest was very cool!  Our table got way more attention than we ever expected. I would like to send a special thanks to our members who helped make this event go smooth. Jason did an excellent job on the banner and business card design. Chris really impressed the audiance with his CNC Machine. Miles brought his battle bots and custom (not reprap) rapid prototyper. We would like to send a special thanks to the HacDC group for offering to take us under their wings and help us through all the tough parts of getting a organization like this started. We will surely be taking them up on their offer. Finally, thanks to Brian Dolge for loaning us his Drawdio and Brain Machine to display at our table.

Several of our guest were interested in our members personal sites. For links to those sites please visit and click on the Members link. Chis’s page is now up there and Mile’s page should be up very soon.

Check out some really bad pictures of us as we were doing our thing at RobotFest 2009.

*NEW* Forum Now Open


We now have a forum and it looks great thanks to member bsom. Sign-up and start posting. Remeber to introduce yourself and please start brainstorming project and educational class ideas. Keep in mind that the purpose of a Hackerspace is to get out from behind your computer and interact with real people in real places. It’s often easy to forget this and get trapped in the internet virtual world. Please come to our meetings and hopefully soon our hackerspace.

A link to the forum can be found at the top of the home page for easy access. However you will need a separate account for the forum. Your wordpress account for the home page will NOT work. Sorry!