Cornstarch Monster Video

A while ago, HaHa member bsom introduced us to non-Newtonian fluids and the idea of using cornstarch and water in conjunction with a speaker/amp and function generator to produce what he called a “Cornstarch Monster.”  The video below is an excellent representation of what can be done with this simple yet captivating recipe.

Also, keep an eye on our new YouTube Channel, available here, for more videos, tutorials and technology dissections.

Our space has been upgraded!

I know we have been pretty bad with updating our blog. However, I can assure you we are a very active hackerspace and have been building like of fun things in our Baltimore space. Over the last few weeks we received a Schlage Link Z-Wave keyless entry kit and installed it with no problems. Miles has been leading the construction of a hovercraft made from laser cut wood parts, some bolts, and a motorcycle inner tube. It works very well! Jason has brought in several little gadgets for show and tell and the CNC Machine is just about complete. It just needs a few finishing touches.

Check out the photos for a little motivation. You could be here having fun with us.