Tron Identity Disc Mod

Over the past several months the members of Harford Hackerspace have been working on modifying a Delux Tron Legacy Disc. The modification uses a Netduino and MAX7219 to increase the number of LEDs from 8 to 33. The project was featured on Microsofts Channel 9 (video) and now there is a complete tutorial of the build on Coding4Fun.

This Friday – December 17th, Disney is releasing a sequel to the 1982 movie. Tron Legacy (Official Site)

RotoFoto Wins First Place

Harford Hackerspace took First Place in the first ever Baltimore Hackathon. It took nearly all 48 hours for us to plan and build RotoFoto. RotoFoto is an automated 3D imaging system that takes a series of 2D images of an object and stitches them into a 360 degree interactive image. This allows viewers to use simple mouse dragging gestures to rotate an object to see if from all angles. Watch the complete build in the below time lapse video. We will demonstrate the build shortly so check back soon.