RotoFoto Wins First Place

Harford Hackerspace took First Place in the first ever Baltimore Hackathon. It took nearly all 48 hours for us to plan and build RotoFoto. RotoFoto is an automated 3D imaging system that takes a series of 2D images of an object and stitches them into a 360 degree interactive image. This allows viewers to use simple mouse dragging gestures to rotate an object to see if from all angles. Watch the complete build in the below time lapse video. We will demonstrate the build shortly so check back soon.



Tron Disc with .NET Microframework | Current Technology News

[...] Harford Hackerspace is a non-profit 501(C)(3) charitable organization set forth to create a place for people to collaborate on hardware and software projects. Members of the space have been meeting weekly since January 2009 to socialize, learn, and work on projects related to science and technology. In 2009 they built a Computer Numerical Controller (CNC) Router capable of precision cutting of wood, plastics, and aluminum. In August 2010 Harford Hackerspace hosted the first ever Netduino class with Secret Labs CTO Chris Walker. Most recently in November 2010 Harford Hackerspace won first place in the Baltimore Hackathon with their RotoFoto Project. [...]

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