CNC Machines First Production

Tonight our CNC showed signs of life. We attached a pen and drew images of circuits, skulls, and Road Runner. The CNC Router was the first project we started working on and it has taken many nights of team work to get to this point. There is still a lot more to do. We started working on the Z-Axis tonight and once that is finished we will have to take most of the machine apart and make fine adjustments to make it as precise as possible. After that there is the long process of mastering the 3D Software.

[flashvideo file=video/SDC12936.flv /]

Two Hands Project – Hackerspace Documentary

The awesome guys from the Two Hands Projects unexpectedly dropped into Harford Hackerspace last night. The organizer, Bilal, was full of energy and really pumped everyone up. You’ll have to wait for the video to see what happened. Hopefully we will make the cut. In a nutshell they interviewed us and we showed off our space and our projects. Here are a few photos of them getting ready to record.

Can I Get an Update?

I know I’m bad with these photo updates. Mostly because I am having too much fun at the Hackerspace that I just forget to take photos. I took a lot more photos than these but it turns out that my flash card was bad and my camera never let me know. I’ll try to recover those images later.

So, last week we finished building the Y axis for our CNC project and we talked about launching a payload into near space. Before that we built a Corstarch Monster for Electronica Fest and we were messing with some PIC kits (microncontrollers) using speakers and LCDs as outputs. Now that I have a new phone which actually takes decent photos (the above were taken with my Palm Pre) I will probably be able to share more of our hackerspace with those of you who don’t like to leave your computer chair.

Forum Removed

Before we get to this topic I want to remind our guest that we meet every Wednesday at 7pm. Contact us if you are interested in coming.

We were never using our forum yet we were getting lots of spammers signing up for it. So I have disabled the forum and removed the link to it. We do have a mailing list but it’s kept private and is only for people who want to participate. E-mail and tell us all about you then you can get on the list.

Our Wiki and this blog will remain the two main methods of communication. The blog is more for a snap shot at what we have done and what we will be doing. The wiki is more for the business side of things such as how we raise funds and event planing.