Another RedBull Mystery…

So it appears the BullDuino has another hidden morse code message on it.  We smell something wargamesish.


Looks like the decoded message is ‘Wouldn’t lou prefer a good game of chess?’ …. is LOU a typo instead of YOU ?  L is inverted Y in morse code…  could be.  Or could be a clue.

This is obviously a quote from (or a play on a quote from if Lou is real) from WarGames.  Hmm.. 1983… Global Thermonuclear War. Joshua/WOPR  WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Coffee Maker Mod

Sure… anyone can go to the local store and buy a coffee maker with a timer. That was not good enough for our new member Ryan Merl.  Keeping in the hacking spirit, Ryan decided to make his own internet controlled coffee maker. He installed a relay between the wall cord and the power switch on the coffee pot. The relay is controlled by his arduino. He used this tutorial as a guide.  An ethernet shield is used to connect the arduino to the network.

You can find the source code for this project here: Be sure to checkout the Readme.doc for more details.

Special Features

  • 15 minute automatic shutoff
  • Controlled via HTTP Requests
  • Status, start, and stop requests
  • Returns JSON meant for AJAX interfaces
  • Ready and running LEDs

HTTPCoffeePot can be connected to your arduino with an ethernet shield and attached to the network. It will listen on port 80, like a normal web server, and take several different request URLs to control it. The URLs return JSON with the intention that an AJAX interface will be built over it:

  • /status/ – This will return some information about the current status of the coffee pot
  • /start/ – This will start the coffee pot assuming that it is currently ready to be started and not started already
  • /stop/ – This will turn off the coffee pot

Currently the process will work like this:

  1. Put in coffee grounds/filter/water
  2. Press ready button to enter coffee pot into ready state
  3. When coffee is desired, send /start/ request
  4. Wait for coffee to finish
  5. Send manual /stop/ request OR wait for timed automatic shut off to take place after 15 minutes

I have a very simple coffee maker which is really only a switch. The modifications I made to the pot were to cut the power inside of it between the wall and the switch on the pot and place a relay in between. The relay is then activated by the Arduino board when sent the /start/ request.