Basic Cryptography Course at Baltimore Hackerspace

Chris Cockrum of the Baltimore Hackerspace will be giving a course on Cryptography this Wednesday, February 20th at the Baltimore Hackerspace. He will be teaching the fundamentals of public and secret key cryptography including exercises on RSA, elliptic curve, and cryptanalysis using Sagemath (Python Based).

According to Meetup, the class is full but if you are interested in having another class, please let us know by leaving us a message on the meetup entry.

Guest Speaker Jim Jackson, HTML5 for .NET Developers


Please join us on Wed, Jan 30 for a special guest speaker.  Jim Jackson, co-author of the book HTML5 for .NET Developers.

There is limited space available, so you must register on for this event.

Jim Jackson is the co-author of HTML5 for .NET Developers, available now at and on Amazon. Jim has worked on rich HTML5 web applications for clients like Vogue, Rolling Stone and Playboy and is currently building an HTML5 game for the Windows App Store.

Class – Getting Bootstrapped with Git and GitHub

*** UPDATE **  This event has been canceled.  Sorry everyone.  We’ll be having Open Hack night instead.

Interested in getting started with Git? Curious about what’s so great about this DVCS stuff? Have no idea was DVCS is? Join us for an awesome night of Git and GitHub and get bootstrapped. Jared from GitHub (@ShepBook) will be presenting and will be hanging around to answer your questions!

Wed, November 7th, 2012.  7:00 pm.

Limited space available, so please register at