Whiteboards and Junk Piles #rbcreation

Know what that is?  It’s a winning idea, that’s what!  Well, we hope it is, anyway.  It is just as tiny piece of what is drawn on our whiteboard, a small morsel, a teaser of our build idea.  Any guesses?  So, the junk pile was a bit disappointing.  Miles was not too happy about the item selection process and let everyone know it.  Hopefully, he’ll cool off soon.  We need his delicious brainssss!

Welcome Hack-a-Day readers!

We’ve been Hack-a-Day’ed!  Thanks for the traffic.  You should all bookmark our site now so you can come back and see the awesome (and usually ridiculous) things we build on a regular basis.  Also, keep track of the happenings at the Red Bull Creation challenge as we’ll be updating out site throughout this grueling 72 hour hack event.  Gotta run to the sheet metal store now.  So long and thanks for all the hits! {eeek squeak eeek for all you dolphins out there…}