X Axis is Finished, Now we take it apart!

I could not help but smile really big during yesterdays meeting. There was the real feeling of a hackerspace with Miles building a prop gun, all of us pitching in on the CNC Machine and a few of us tearing into a work related project of mine. Then to top it all off Logan from Baltimore SDIY stoped by and demonstrated his projects. We all had a great time.

Now we need to take th CNC apart and paint it.

We are at it again!

In April we were at RobotFest demonstrating Chris Cockrums CNC Machine. At our last meeting we decided that we would build one as a group which meets the needs of our members. Future projects ideas included etching circuit boards and milling knife handles and guitar necks.

Last Thursday we met in superfro’s garage where we gathered our tools and spare parts and started getting organized. You can find more details about the project on wiki.harfordhackerspace.org or www.harfordhackerspace.org/forum under the Projects section. Since I know everyone loves photos here are a few snap shots from Thursdays meeting.