Tron Identity Disc Mod

Over the past several months the members of Harford Hackerspace have been working on modifying a Delux Tron Legacy Disc. The modification uses a Netduino and MAX7219 to increase the number of LEDs from 8 to 33. The project was featured on Microsofts Channel 9 (video) and now there is a complete tutorial of the build on Coding4Fun.

This Friday – December 17th, Disney is releasing a sequel to the 1982 movie. Tron Legacy (Official Site)



This is awesome! I’m looking to mod one of these for a Quorra costume I’m working on for next Halloween. Great to see there’s some folks doing cool things with it (and nearby, too)!


Hi, I’m making a Tron siren costume for Comic con coming up and I am having difficulties finding a realistic Tron disk. I found the disk you are using but I saw this and was in love with your disk mod. I am wondering if it is possible you could make one for me? i would pay of course. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thank you :)


I’m thinking the same as Caitlin up there^^

paid of course, what would u charge if i paid for shipping both ways? ohh and this is probably a dumb question, but the chip on the inner ring is required for use, correct/? I’m planning on Halloween also and would obviously be holding it in that area

Jason Reskin

As awesome as this is I was really trying to find a quick way to mod these for a costume (i.e. screen accurate lighting compared to the sad 6 LED’s they put in the blade from the SpinMaster factory).


I’d like to buy one also, please email me!


Your discs are amazing! I would like to buy a disc for my costume if you are still making them.

Timtohy F. Brown

I am going to do something like this. Do you think with the netduino mini you could get the whole board inside the identity disc. There is an arduino that at least dimensionally is smaller.

One suggestion: put morse code in. It is an identity disc after all. You could program it to output your name in morse code. Just a thought.


You definitely can get the Netduino mini inside the tron disc. We have since modified ours to use the Netduino mini. If I were to do it again I would either use smaller wires or take the time to etch a PCB in the shape of the ring. The most difficult part about this entire project is getting a bunch of wires to lay properly inside the tron disc without getting pinched.

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