The Library/Hackerspace Mashup

NPR has an interesting piece about a new wave in Hackerspace funding and facilities: Public libraries are partnering with hacker- and makerspaces in a win-win relationship.  The libraries, struggling with trying to stay relevant in the new digital distribution model for books and media, get the foot traffic they need while the hackerspaces get funding opportunities, proper facilities (not a small task), and an outlet for exposure to new members.  So far, only a few libraries/makerspaces have partnerships, but those participating are satisfied with the arrangement.

Loaded Up! Let’s do this! #rbcreation

All packed up and ready to go!  Public display and judging begins at 3pm!  Wish us luck.  After 72 hours of sweat, rain, and Red Bull, we finished our creation.  Worthy of description by Mary Shelley, our accordion-style mode of transport is sure to eat a few misplaced fingers if folks aren’t careful.  But, when was the last time you had fun that didn’t have a least a little bit o’ danger in it?  Step up, hang on and count your fingers when you’re done…