Cheap logic analyzer (ELSA100)

I recently purchased this logic analyzer.  It’s a clone of the Saleae logic analyzer.  Available for 50$ here with 10 mini grabbers.  It appears to perform exactly like the Saleae except its noticeably larger.  It even uses Saleae’s software.  It does ship from over seas, and might take a little while but it did arrive, and had free shipping.

The cable that ships with it doesn’t have wires broken out for the power supply pins, but it appears there are 2 extra pins, 3.3v and 5v power sources.  I’ll have to see about adding 2 more pins to the connector to utilize them.  The factory cable has 8 logic wires, and 2 grounds, but the connector has lots of extra spots for wires, extra grounds and those power supply pins.

Anyway, you can’t beat the price.  Oh it’s also supported by Sigrok, an open source logic analyzer that is multi platform.

Next Meeting @ HacDC


Brian Dolge, organizer of the Baltimore area RepRap group has invited us to join them at HacDC on: Saturday - March 21, 2009  between 12pm and 4pm

This would be a great opportunity for anyone interested in seeing how a hackerspace is operated to visit. Everyone who attends will have a chance to help finish building the RepRap which was started during the HacDC RepRap Build-A-Thon. Visit for more information and directions to HacDC.