Welcome Hack-a-Day readers!

We’ve been Hack-a-Day’ed!  Thanks for the traffic.  You should all bookmark our site now so you can come back and see the awesome (and usually ridiculous) things we build on a regular basis.  Also, keep track of the happenings at the Red Bull Creation challenge as we’ll be updating out site throughout this grueling 72 hour hack event.  Gotta run to the sheet metal store now.  So long and thanks for all the hits! {eeek squeak eeek for all you dolphins out there…}

Jeremy Awesome’s Amazing Technicolor Soapbox Kart

When Jeremy ‘Awesome’ Ashinghurst is not busy hacking at HaHa, researching new and interesting ways to make power tools dangerous or just generally being awesome, he’s busy riding his custom-built gravity-powered vehicle, also known as a soapbox kart, at dangerously high speeds down steep hills.  Well, all of the hard work and road rash paid off for Jeremy recently when he won the grand prize in Make Magazine’s Karts and Wheels contest. Keep your eyes peeled for Make Volume 26, starring Mr. Awesome’s Kart, at your local newsstand.  In the meantime, read his entire, well-documented build on the Make Blog.  Go Awesome, go!

Fox 45 News at Electronica Fest

This was a very cool experience for us. We were asked by Gary Mauler to appear on the Fox 45 morning news to promote Electronica Fest. We showed up at the National Electronic Museum at 5:30am to prepare for our 6:10am, 7:10am, and 8:10am live coverage. Unfortunately the segments were very short so we did not get to explain our own projects. However, our Cornstarch Monster project stole the show. See for yourself.