Redbull creation, year 3

So it’s that time again, time for Redbull Creation, 3rd year.  I’ll make this short, just got the box, wanted to show some pics. Here’s what we got for the qualifier, our TurBull Encabulator. We’ll have updates on this later I’m sure.  You may remember our entry last year, the telepresence zen garden, and our year 1 entry with crank’d and we went to the finals with that entry, where we built the chill-a-piller.

Lot’s of LED’s for the qualifier this year, maybe an accelerometer.  Need more time to dive deep.  Have fun with the pics.


TurBULL Encabulator

[...] details of the board yet; hopefully it ships with a datasheet. There are a few unboxing blog posts up, but so far I haven’t found any detailed information. (Aha! An Arduino Library [...]

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