PPPRS Vehicle Beginnings

We’ve decided to build an entry for this year’s Power Racing Series race at the 2012 NYC Maker faire!  Some of our members have been interested in doing similar things for a while, and having a PPPRS event this close was motivation enough to get of our lazy butts and do something about it.

The first steps were to procure a power wheels vehicle, motors, and batteries.  A power wheels Xtreme Machine, some EV warrior motors, and a pair of brand new optima yellowtop D34′s fit the bill just fine.

first, we had to do a test-fit just to see if any of us could still fit in there.  Some of us could, some couldn’t, and only one looked to be enjoying  it.

Then we dug up some scrap metal from previous projects, and got to cutting and welding.

More to come as we make progress.

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