Our CNC Can Kick Your CNC’s Butt!

This video is in response to the one posted here, where a Mr. Riley Porter moves a 35 pound dumbbell with his CNC.  We decided to try to trump his CNC’s weight-moving ability by pushing our machine to lift and move first 45, then 55 and finally 65 pounds!  We wanted to continue with the weight increases, but did not have a safe way to attach more weight to the Z-axis assembly.  Our CNC build is turning out to be quite the beast.  Now all it needs is a catchy name…



Amazing CNC!!!!! Where do you get the plans? or is all yours? I want a CNC for long time and yours is the best I see in a long time. Do you have any plans to recreate it in my house?

Tony Lindberg

So all it needs is a name huh?
You wrote it yourself that it was quite a beast.
I would say that something that it quite a beast
quallifies to be called “The beast”

My own suggestion would be something that stands out
from the crowd of names that sounds like that (beast, brute, monster, etc)
How about “the divergent device”. Nerdy enough to sound cool and yet not cool enough to sound stupid.

No a more serious tone, it really looks like a fun machine to play with.
Up until the economic crisis I worked a a CNC operator/programmer at a prototype workshop.
Seeing footage like that makes me miss my old trade even more.
Keep up the good work boys and girls.
/Tony from sweden


The CNC is our own design but we did get some inspiration from http://buildyourcnc.com/default.aspx. Check our Tortoise SVN tutorial because most of the plans are in the example repository.

Shane Campbell

Ok for a name, my suggestion is נפיל or translated from Hebrew to English Nephilim. It means “fallen one(s)”. They were said to have been the hybrid of the human race and Fallen Angels.

Also, I belong to a High School (FRC look it up, Usfirst.org) robotics Team called The Caiman Agents (team 3021). My dad owns a machine shop and i wanted to make the team a Cnc on a budget. But being spoiled from my dads huge Haas Machines, homemade ones simply lacked the power i wanted/ needed. Is there anyway i could get the specs or designs on this project?

Alan Parekh

That is some crazy power! What size motor is on that Z axis?


Machine Name: ComNuCo


What power source you are using for those steppers?
Thank you!


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