Useful wireless solution comparison chart

Last week I was having a discussion with one of our members about solutions on how we can control his biped robot he is working on.  I was trying to explain that we could go something like zigbee (which he has a zigbee servo controller already) but you’re going to trade off throughput, if you wanted to add streaming video to it, and we’ll need to construct something for the pc to talk to the zigbee network.  We could go bluetooth, or even wifi, etc.  And it became a discussion of push pull’s difficulty implementing it, writing code for, cost of parts, etc.

(Biped robot pictured below if you havent’ seen it, it’s really awesome!)










Anyway, I stumbled on this article on digikey’s web site that goes into further detail, but I wanted to share this nice little chart they have in the article.  It really sums up cost vs range vs throughput vs robustness.  I found it useful, thought someone else might also.  Enjoy.

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