Sequence Animoog on your iPad from your PC with Fruity Loops over WIFI

animoog screenshot

Just playing around with the iPad app Animoog, which I believe is still available for $0.99 at the iTunes app store. This is a huge bargain on a really really cool app.  I won’t get into the specifics of the app, but if you want to know more about what Animoog is or how to use it, I recommend this YouTube video.

So, while playing around with the Animoog app, if you go into the setup menu there is a selection under ‘Refresh MIDI input(s)’ where  you can select ‘Off’ or ‘Network Session 1′.  This intrigued me!  Apparently you can use MIDI over the ‘Network’.  After some Googling I was still unclear on how to get this setup, so I thought I’d just tell everyone how I did it so you can get to making some cool tunes yourself.

I’m assuming your PC has iTunes installed and you have the Bonjour service that comes with it.  It should work without it but you lose the auto-discovery.  OK, so first thing you’re going to need is the Animoog app on your iPad.  Once that is installed, you’re going to need rtpMIDI which is available for free here.  (Download link on the top right).  I’m using Windows 7 64 bit for reference.  Once you download the rtpMIDI, unzip it and execute the .msi file to install it.  There is a better tutorial for installing rtpMIDI here so I won’t re-iterate everything.  The TL;DR version is Install, click Next, Next, Next, agree to anything that pops up, and done.

After the rtpMIDI is installed, run rtpMIDI from the start menu.  Click the + under ‘My Sessions’ and choose a new name or leave it as default.




Next highlight the (only) session and click the enable box on the right.  Now at this point Bonjour probably hasn’t caught up with you yet to display your iPad in the Directory box like mine.  If it does, click connect.  If it doesn’t click the + under Directory and type in the IP address of your iPad followed by :5004.  eg.  ’′ which is the case with mine.  You can get the WIFI IP address of your iPad by going to Settings ->General->Network->Wi-Fi->(Your Wi-Fi access point’s name) and you’ll see ‘IP Address’.  It’s usually something like or so.

After adding an item in the Directory, highlight it and click connect.  If successfull it should show up in the ‘Participants window’.  Leave this application running.

OK, still with me?  Good.  Next, run Animoog, click on the top right where it says ‘Settings’, then on the left under ‘Refresh MIDI input(s)’ select ‘Network Session 1′.

At this point I’m going to presume that most software that uses MIDI output on  your PC will work, however I did not try them.  I’m going to use Fruity Loops Studio 9.

Once you fire up Fruity Loops, start with a fresh setup.  Goto Options->MIDI settings.  On the top you should see something similar to my screenshot.  The name of your ‘Session’ you used in rtpMIDI.  Highlight that MIDI Device, click Send Master Sync (so you can control BPM from FLStudio) and set the Port Number to 0.  Close this dialog.


Next, goto Channels->Add one->MIDI out.  On the channel settings, make sure you set the Channel to ’1′ and the Port to ’0′.







At this point you should be able to click the little virtual keyboard and hear it play on your iPad.

If this works, then you are all set up.  If not then either you missed a step or I forgot to mention the step (hah!).

You can start making your patterns with notes and hear them play back on the iPad.  You still have to setup your preset in Animoog on the iPad, and it doesn’t appear that all the functionality is supported.  Some notes don’t appear to work (things like pitch, etc.)  I presume if you had multiple iPads you could set them all up with different presets and make some really killer music.


And here is a quick little YouTube video showing it working.



ok. So how do we do the reverse? Like controlling my own VSTs using the iPad???


@cyan if you search the app store for the word midi you will find a lot of different flavors that can turn the ipad into a midi controller/sequncer, some using the camera connection kit, some over the network using the same rtpmidi program i referanced, look at genome, midipads, little midi machine, etc.

Gareth Farmer

Hi, my PC doesn’t have WiFi, how can I get the same results, and what cables do I use?


@Gareth Your PC doesn’t need wifi if you have a wifi router in your house. Your pc will connect you to the network, and your wireless devices would be on the same network. Do you not use your Ipad via WiFi ? You must use 3G ? Even if you had a 3G Ipad most people still use Wifi when they are at home… But anyway, if you don’t have any wifi at all you should be able to get set up using the Camera Connection Kit for the Ipad. The details will be a little different but that is the only other way I know of to connect.


@superfro Thanks a lot man! Cheers!




I mean, ableton and iphone?!


@Superfro Hi there. Thanks for the instructions. I new with Animoog and whole midi controller thing. So there are two choices: 1 – Using Animoog’s sounds in the PC and 2- Using VST’s in PC with some other midi controller apps for example Geo synthesizer.

For first choice, I assume that I have to connect to the PC with “Camera connector kit” or “Wifi”. Am I right?

My PC has Wifi but I still do not understand how I can connect my iPad eith my PC? I have already installed rtp MIDI program but It seems that it does not recognize my ipad.

I will appreciate if you help me out here.

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