Pre-Gaming and Pre-Hacking #rbcreation

The liquor has all be dranken and now it’s time to get hackin’!  Paul and the gang have made it back to the RV (this was no easy feat after being drowned in booze at the kickoff party) and have begun reverse engineering their electronic badges.  The badges appear to be banging out some Morse code to a single red LED.  Paul is trying to get past the fuses on the PIC to read the code inside while the others set up our Rigol portable digital oscilloscope and try to record the LED blinks to a file to decode the Morse.  Crazy but true, the wacky guys from Two Hands Project are hanging out in the HaHa RV right now.  Apparently they are covered with stickers?!?  You may remember them from a while back (over a year ago?) when they came to HaHa and filmed us for inclusion in a documentary about hackerspaces.  Hey guys, what happened to that film project?

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