Well met traveller! I am but a simply bard wandering from shire to shire singing tales of glories long past! Be merry friend for this is the heralded meadowlands of the great TGIMBOEJ! What? You know not of The TGIMBOEJ? Then I have much to tell you! You see The TGIMBOEJ initially appears to be a small unassuming cardboard box.  However when opened it’s true nature is revealed, the box contains a large assortment of random electronic components as well as two page document! No ordinary scroll this,  for on this hallowed document  simple directions on how to use the TGIMBOEJ along with a table of previous TGIMBOEJ users are written. The weilder is directed, compelled even, to take out small parts and replace them with various parts of his/her own then send the box to the next person on the list! Currently the TGIMBOEJ is in the caring hands of the Harford Hackerspace,  it being bestowed upon them not too long ago.

Rumor says that they have selected several motors and several pumps as well as a USB barcode reader from TGIMBOEJ! Wise choices! What will they replace them with you ask? Such knowledge is known only to the next worthy possessor of the mighty TGIMBOEJ! Perhaps it will be you traveller…

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