Dimdim – Opensource Webinar Software


The opensource http://www.dimdim.com software is Free for up to 20 people and only $99/yr for 100 people.  User Brimstone from hackerspaces was nice enough to join a conference with me where we tested the software by sharing a PowerPoint presentation and a Whiteboard. I was able to call into the Free conference phone number as well as communicate via voice using a microphone.

Unfortunately, people on the microphone can not be heard on the phone. Also one other limitation pointed out was that there is no time stamp in the chat room. Other than that the software is super cool. It’s fast and full of features.

I would like to use this software to hold Free webinars and possibly even webinars where we would accept donations to help raise funds for Harford Hackerspace. This software will allow us to reach beyond our own hackerspace to teach and learn from hackerspaces all over the world.


Michael Clark

Good post. DimDim is an open source quality web conferencing tool, but unfortunately it’s closed now. WebEx and Gotomeeting are two quality web conferencing tools; however, they are expensive as compared to others. If you want something cheap, the try using GoMeetNow, which costs only $12.95 / month, next to free. Alternatively, one may even deploy on premise RHUB web conferencing appliances http://www.rhubcom.com in order to conduct webinars, web conferences, online meetings etc.

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