From the Tool Shed

One of the main reasons for me starting this club is to create a space for all my tools. Here are my two newest tools which will hapily be loaned to the organization once we get one going. These were aquired with the intention of using them to build a RepRap ( from Birch plywood.

I plan to use transfer paper to print out the shapes at their full size. Then I will cut the shapes as close as I can with the scroll saw and finish them up with the drill press??? Yes, I said drill press. That’s because I purchased a Drum Sanding adapter that turns the drill press into a drum sander. I’ll of course use the drill press to drill the required holes as well.

Mini Drill Press
Mini Drill Press
Scroll Saw
Scroll Saw


As you can see this is not your typical scroll saw and drill press. They are miniturized to some extent. The scroll saw is only 16″ long and the drill press is roughly 18″ tall when fully assembled. The price also matches the small size. The scroll saw was aproximately $70 from my local harborfreight and the drill press was $80 ordered online.

I will feature more tools under the Tool Shed category in the near future.



This is sounds good…. I cant wait till this takes off. Sign me up. I will give you the money tomorrow for the membership fee…

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