Fourth Annual Techno-Swap-Fest

Fourth Annual Techno-Swap-Fest

February 23, 2013  -  9am to 2pm

National Electronics Museum

1745 West Nursery Road, Linthicum MD

Attention All Hobbyists

  • Is your shop so cluttered you can barely work on your projects?
  • Did you buy something online that didn’t fit into your plans?
  • Are you still looking for that perfect gadget, part or tool?

If you answered YES or NO to any of these questions, you need to attend the 4th Annual Techno-Swap-Fest to buy, sell and gawk at all the precious junk that other hobbyists crave.

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Well, we finally got around to opening the INTJ-22 TGIMBOEJ and took out some selected bits.  But, boy, did we fill it back up!  We packed it with all manner of miscellanea including motors, mysterious circuit boards, high-power LED’s, and other electronic bric-a-brac.  Now, it needs a new home.  Are there any Hackerspaces or Makerspaces out there who want to get in on a sweet box of junk?  Please keep it within the U.S. as heavy international shipments of questionable gizmos is frowned upon by Uncle Sam and his cronies after the toner cartridge fiasco.