“Kickin’ It Old School” Pays Off for Local Junk Collectors

NEWSFLASH – Dateline:BALTIMORE -STOP- Harford Hackerspace wins Sparkfun Free Day Text Browser contest -STOP- Snail-mails photos of member Miles using LSI ADM-3A terminal to load Sparkfun Free Day website -STOP- Chosen as winner from over *13* entries -STOP- $100 prize forthcoming -STOP- Photographs available via private courier -STOP- (This telegram is fee on delivery: you owe us 35c for reading it.)

I Won, I Won! Free Swag from Panavise!

I entered the Panavise Facebook contest in December and won!  Weee!  I posted a time-lapse video of me assembling a Drone Lab kit from Casper Electronics using my Panavise Model 315 on Panavise’s Facebook page and was informed a few weeks later that my video was selected as the December winner.  And, boy, did Panavise come through with the swag.  Their prize package contained NINE individual products, as you can see in the quickie video below. (Sorry about the video quality, I loaned my really good camcorder to a friend so I had to use my iPhone 4S…)  Here is a link to the January 2012 GRIPnews Panavise newsletter where my win was announced.

Loaded Up! Let’s do this! #rbcreation

All packed up and ready to go!  Public display and judging begins at 3pm!  Wish us luck.  After 72 hours of sweat, rain, and Red Bull, we finished our creation.  Worthy of description by Mary Shelley, our accordion-style mode of transport is sure to eat a few misplaced fingers if folks aren’t careful.  But, when was the last time you had fun that didn’t have a least a little bit o’ danger in it?  Step up, hang on and count your fingers when you’re done…