Happy First Birthday, HaHa!

Our first birthday!  Seems just like yesterday, HaHa was just a twinkle in Dave’s eye.  Check out this video of us enjoying some inkjet-printed confection.



I’d love to grab some Hive folks, and make a trip down to check out your CNC machine. Can someone send me an email, and we can find some time to get together and get our spaces to hang out together?


E-mail sent! We love visitors. Anyone else want to visit us?


um, your advertisement to watch the video, tries to install spyware. i didn’t realize you were literally hackers


“Spyware” is rather vague. What, exactly, did it try to install on your machine? Remember, some spyware software is paranoid and will tag cookies as spyware.


I removed the ads just in case. We were only testing out the service. Apparently if they are trying to install spyware then we can not use them.


Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I actually live two streets down from Powell and found this site from Foursquare.

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